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Arboretums of Long Island

When people think of New York, they think about crowded and lively Manhattan. To the surprise of some tourists, there is actually more green and quiet out here than you might expect.

For example, arboretums are classic estates dedicated to the upkeep of a variety of plants. You may have seen mansions like them in the Great Gatsby movie. If you want to see beautiful, natural beauty, make your way to any of these greener pastures.

Bailey Arboretum was one of the first private garden museums in America. Named after the son of a botanist, the arboretum strives to teach and improve the natural environment around it--just what a plant scientist would have wanted. You'll find all sorts of unique flora on the property, the biggest highlight of which is the Dawn Redwood. These forest fortresses grow to 70 feet at the least, and have massive trunks.

Educating yourself on different kinds of plants is nice, but you may want to take the matter into your own hands. Seminars are held every day at the arboretum, where you can learn to plant, prune, and cultivate different sprouts in a hands-on way. Walk the seven acres of garden and learn what each plant is called. Snap a picture of yourself to show off your newfound knowledge.

Aside from perfect photo ops, you'll also have the opportunity to attend more structured events. Live music and activities for your children can take up the bulk of your experience if you want it to.

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Planting Fields Arboretum has been part of the Gold Coast estate since 1920. Instead of focusing primarily on nature like other botanical-gardens, Planting Fields chooses to highlight the magnificence of the estate, and what goes into its upkeep even today.

Opening the door to the estate transports you through time into a vintage era of American Life. Everything from the furniture to the design aesthetic of the door frame has remained intact, and a few of the buildings like the West Portico have been completely renovated from the ground up. As you tour the house, you'll get a sense of the history of New York and how history intersects with nature in a lot of ways.

Speaking of which, you can't ignore the natural beauty of the property. There are over 409 acres of greenhouses, formal gardens, and plant collections for you to investigate. Learning about the flora and fauna is a huge part of the fun in exploring and viewing the gardens. Birdwatchers will love peering at around 12 kinds of distinct species of bird, some of which are easiest to spot in Planting Fields Arboretum.

Old Westbury Gardens is another beautiful historic property that is under renovation and has a state-of-the-art garden. You can tour both to learn what life was like in the early 20th century. The room layouts are some of the most elegant available, and the entire Westbury property in general radiates class.

Many people come here wanting to learn how to garden, but architects and artists enjoy workshops and educator-led discussions about how the home was built. You can also play Scottish Games, attend outdoor classical and pop concerts, and even experience a car show on the property. Westbury has some of the most diverse array of experiences of any arboretum on Long Island.

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